Saturday, July 30, 2005


well, this is my first blog and although it's not my first website, i still have some butterflies about the whole thing. not for no reason did i stop using the internet as much as i was, but i feel ... somewhat confident i can restrain myself and be responsible now.

so i have butterflies.

a great movie, a midwinter's tale (dir. kenneth branagh), has one of the characters commenting that people often talk about having butterflies before a performance but that she always had snakes. which makes me think, "snakes... why did it have to be snakes...?" the guy who flew the biplane at the beginning of raiders of the lost ark was actually flying supplies into a town in central america while it was suffering from a terrible storm, delaying filming of a movie being produced by kathleen kennedy, and while the cast and crew were stranded in this little place they were fillming, this guy actually helped get them all out and an operation that might have taken weeks was actually all accomplished in a couple of days! oh the joys of being a movie producer... (thanks kathleen, and the british doco series on movie making that's been screening lately on abc-tv here in sydney...)

i guess i rabbit on a bit when i'm nervous... :-P