Thursday, March 03, 2016

... moving house again

well, i moved house (again!) yesterday.

this is the seventh(?) place i've lived in since i moved to melbourne. (carnegie; elsternwick; camberwell; camberwell again; balwyn; surrey hills; camberwell this latest time...) moving wasn't too much of a hassle, compared to previous moves. i had planned to use a "pods" or "taxibox" storage unit to move - i would store my stuff while i immediately decamped to a five-week vacation in the united states (my bi-annual treat for myself) - but in the end i had so many offers of help from folk at church that we moved everything in the one day. i had about seventy-five percent of my stuff packed and of course the last twenty-five percent took most of the day to pack up. grrr...

so the new place is super-conveniently located adjacent to church and it has actually seen me make the effort to go to the morning service as well as the usual evening service that i go to. it has also proved very convenient for the Bible study (or "growth group" as we designate them) that i host for some of the young adults in church. (i should blog about that group at some point - we are doing very interesting things in our group!)

one of the interesting things about my new place is the decor. exhibit one:

given that my u.s. trip is from march 3 to april 6, the plan for moving in was to set up my sleeping arrangements, pack my bags for my trip, set up the tv/dvd in the lounge room, and install as much of my food and cooking stuff in the kitchen as possible for my housemate to be able to use while i'm away.

i was up around 07h30 and got to bed around 01h30, a dangerous proposition given my early rise time for getting to the airport. i did manage to get up without snoozing too many times (twice) and got to the airport in good order. and now, five week in the united states, checking four new states off my list of states i've spent the night in. exciting!