Sunday, October 31, 2010

... nanowrimo 2.0 (for me, at least)

well, november begins tomorrow and so does my latest attempt to write a novel. i don't remember right this second where i found out about national novel writing month but ever since i've been planning and trying to come up with ideas that will take me over the 50,000-word mark by november 30. i guess we'll soon find out.

this year, if you're reading my blog, my challenge to you is to likewise take up the challenge. i know some of you who read this were creative writers in times past. if you can crank out 1700 words a day, you too can write a novel in november. the link is last year i only managed a few thousand words - this year i plan to be a good deal more disciplined.

give it a try. if you manage 2,000 words a day you get to have a sabbath! and if this appeals but you don't think you can write a novel (and the theory behind nanowrimo is that everyone can write a novel - a good novel comes from the editing... maybe), try script frenzy - it's 152 days away (apparently) and requires 100 pages of script over the month of april. the script itself can be film, television, radio or graphic novel.

wish me luck - comments and text messages with script ideas are welcome and appreciated!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

... oops...

well, it's been a little while, alas. just a short note to let anyone who might possibly be reading this blog that today (october 13) is international suit-up day. suggestions for how you might participate in the day include:
  • wear a suit to university
  • wear a suit to work
  • wear a suit to hospital
  • wear a suit to school
  • buy a suit
  • drink in a suit
my small group at church is going out for dinner tonight and i know there is at least one woman in the group who, instead of "rocking up and frocking up" is actually going to suit-up for the event!