Thursday, August 13, 2009

... already!

it's been two weeks since i came back to work after my holidays - two weeks already! it's frightening how fast the time goes by; i'm sure it never went so quickly when i was younger but i suppose that as all new experience is accrued and compared to past experience it time must seem relatively faster. what on earth is it going to feel like when i'm in my seventies?

i've been dreaming a bit, dreaming about work (serving customers - "i'm sorry but you'll have to ask b---, i'm still in bed asleep...") and dreaming about portland. the portland dreams feel fuelled somewhat by the zines i've been reading since i got back, especially those by ten foot rule creator, shawn granton.

portland was great, despite all of the downsides of being in a city with such a hipster culture and with such high unemployment (i talked to many people who'd been looking for work for a long time without success - five months or more in some cases). if i had a job stitched up for a couple of years i'd move but it'd have to be ironclad. most people i talked to who'd moved there to live didn't have anything beyond living accommodation lined up...

it's great to be home in melbourne. church is great, i'm looking forward to settling into a regular weekly Bible study, church weekend away (can't call it a camp, apparently!) coming up soon, where i'll be leading a small group... and the weather is lovely. i'm enjoying the chilly mornings, the wet, the fog, especially after the unusually warm and humid (read: sydney-like) summer portland was enduring. it's nice to be among real trams again.

anyway, back to work...