Sunday, April 03, 2011

... who knows the day or the hour?

well, for the big thing, no-one knows. for this thing, though, abbasolutely. (insofar as a man makes a plan but the Lord directs his steps...)

the portland zine symposium now has dates, which is great because the thing that has chiefly inhibited my planning for next united states trip has been not knowing when they would be. august 6 and 7. i didn't see information on where it's being held but i can only assume at this point that they're going to use the same place as last year. maybe. who can say?

the volume of my writing has really gone down the toilet this last year and while i may have a million ideas for zines (or other stuff) it seems very rare that any of them actually get off the ground. i've been involved in some of the "target" zines co-ordinated through sticky and i've tried to get stuff together for nanowrimo and script frenzy (which i am doing this month, yay!) but i haven't actually done any new zines off my own bat.

i'm still reading plenty, though, and my plan is to do one zine a week starting this month. just mini - a8 size - with some kind of linked image on the back (if it's folded) or maybe with some crappy drawing of mine (if it's stapled). we'll see how we go.

dates for the portland zine symposium is, however, fairly exciting news for me. my next trip overseas beckons... hopefully!