Wednesday, June 18, 2014

... where am i?

hey. you're still here? that's great.

i have been around, feeling bad that i haven't been blogging, not sure how to start. i suppose this kind of, "awww shucks, i know it's been a long time since i blogged..." post, is a bit traditional, there's my nod to tradition.

i've been on another trip to the united states since my last post, which itself was just after i left chicago at the end of my second week of a six-week stint on holidays last year. a five-week trip saw me visit chicago and the chicago zine fest; catch the southwest chief from chicago to los angeles; visit southern california (and a wedding); head up to portland and astoria, in oregon; take in bits of massachusetts for a week and a half; then head home from boston via minneapolis, los angeles, and sydney airports.

it's a start. cheers.