Sunday, July 15, 2012

... my zine was reviewed!

not only that but it was a good review too!

a couple of years back i had gone to bed earlier than usual and after sleeping for a short time, found myself returned to wakefulness. i got up for a glass of water and then went to the use the toilet. i caught sight of myself in the bathroom mirror as i did so and in the ensuing moments as i focussed on the task at hand, my hindbrain concocted a crazy story about a young man who finds himself shocked awake and lying on his bathroom floor, ravenously hungry. he doesn't know why he's hungry, he only knows - somewhat instinctively, as we subsequently learn - what he hungers for. a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time lands him in the company of some rather unsavoury individuals who, as it turns out, are the ones who've made the mistake.

last year when i went to the portland zine symposium, i was at a loss for something to bring with me, a zine to trade other zinesters. i cobbled the story into a zine format, found a second-choice piece of paper to use for a cover, and ended up producing what i thought was actually quite a cool zine.

one of the people i left my zine with was the troupe from zine world and they have reviewed my zine! here's what they said:

Food Awakening: I didn't know what to think, finding the font hard-to-read and the red textile paper used as a cover kinda arty, but inside was a short story about the insatiable urge that zombies experience when searching for those yummy tidbits called brains. I don't wanna ruin the story, but I can tell you that this one-shot is creatively well written. The blood-red arty paper that I disregarded at first turned in to a horrifying representation of torn and mutilated flesh. I LOVE IT!

it's always nice to have feedback on something you've written, especially some as positive as this. at the moment, this was a lovely and surprising shot in the arm to receive.