Monday, August 01, 2005

... tidying up

in my never-ending quest to be less weighed down by stuff (yet still maintaining a measure of stuff to live comfortably with), i went to howard's storage world to get some elfa frames to match the ones i already have (which i inherited from my dear departed dad's dear departed (bankrupt) video shop business). the ones i have are probably about 20-25 years old - i'm sure they weren't new when dad bought them - but the age of my frames were not even in my thoughts.

i lugged the enormous bag home (with all of five items inside, including "across the nightingale floor" and a bonus book, matthew reilly's "hell island", which he wrote as a giveaway for the 2005 books alive push here in australia), put the frame i'd bought together, only to find when i was joining it all up that my old frames are 35mm too shallow front-to-back as you slide in the drawer!!!

well, i wasn't a terribly happy camper with this, given that i'd already worked out that morning that buying cheap frames from ikea wasn't going to work because their frames are too narrow for my old basket to fit into lengthways, so hsw was going to be the only place for me to easily get to, to get my elfa frames. i ended up buying another frame, returning the hanging rod connector for a refund and making arrangements to get a different style hanging rod connector from hsw in hornsby.


and i still have tidying up to do after i fix those, because all the moving around required me to disconnect my computer, and i have to type out the Bible study i wrote for youth group...

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