Tuesday, May 23, 2006

... stupid seven

seven things that should happen to stupid people who...
...pee on seats in male public toilets

  1. be made to wear a dress for a month
  2. given electro-shock treatment
  3. be made to clean toilets with cotton buds
  4. be disallowed use of toilet paper and issued with pumpkin vine leaves
  5. be disallowed use of a toilet seat... for all time
  6. be made to use a colostomy bag
  7. physical castration and removal of penis

does this seem harsh?


swellen said...

Not harsh at all - I'd like to do the same for women, barring the dress-wearing and penis removal, of course. And don't get me started on how I feel about footprints on the toilet seat! Don't ask...

sylv said...

I understand, I do. But it is a little bit harsh, just a tad.

Anonymous said...

No, I agree. If you haven't learned how to aim your penis by now, you shouldn't be allowed to have one! That's what toilet training is for after all!

Anonymous said...

I think footprints on toilet seats is because some people from asian countries where they have squat toilets don't really know how to use ours