Saturday, February 03, 2007

... a rose by any other name

... might still be paper.

i found this site while i was webbing from a link posted on cafedave about jazzing up your rental residence kitchen space. i don't have anyone to give these to this year (i might in previous years have dropped a bouquet off at my favourite cafe for the staff there) but, having just moved, i don't feel i'm at a stage where i can even in jest give flowers to anyone. nevermind.

the instructions look pretty complicated, and there are youtube links further back that i didn't bother to follow up. these instructions do have a link to an .avi file that explains the most complicated step in the whole thing, but having not tried to make it yet i don't know how necessary it is.

i haven't been interested in doing anything origami in a while. looks like it'd be a challenge and might even turn out to be fun!

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