Friday, February 15, 2008

... not long now

i pick up the keys this afternoon. i'm still quite excited, even though i know the actual moving part is going to be a touch difficult, given the way the balcony is laid out and how far along from the stairs my flat is. i'll pick the keys up, come back into town to go to the zine event for the festival of the photocopier (follow the links from sticky), then go back there and measure the place up for the fridge.

i'm hoping to move some stuff in over the weekend, bibs and bobs that i can get there on my own steam, and i have removalists taking the bulk of my stuff later. my housemate is moving out mid-week, so i'll be without a fridge for a bit but that's no biggie - i'll get some uht milk in the small-format six-pack and use that on my cereal.

anyway, i have to get back to work. i'm here early to make up for leaving early this afternoon.

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Anonymous said...

I'm taking the fridge but I'm happy to loan you an esky! :) And you can buy bags of ice at the service station, although of course then you'd have to walk back with it. Ooh, flashback to a Goodies sketch involving a huge block of ice...