Monday, December 22, 2008

... reading...

wow, i've been reading a lot lately.
  • eragon, christopher paolini
  • twilight, stephenie meyer
  • breakfast at tiffanys, truman capote
  • the jane austen book club, karen joy fowler
  • the gargoyle, andrew davidson
  • notes from undergound: zines and the politics of alternative culture, stephen duncombe
...and they're just the ones i've finished!

i'm also working on (albeit infrequently or haphazardly):
  • how to eat, nigella lawson
  • war and peace, leo tolstoy
  • type, david silverman
  • easy riders, raging bulls, peter biskind
  • intimate ephemera, anna poletti
... and, of course, the Bible!

all this in the space of the last three and a bit months, since i began my new job. imagine if i were working in a video store!


Femina said...

What did you think of Twilight? The only 'reviews' I've heard are from rabid Buffy fans, who shriek, "It's terrible! It's awful! Stephanie Meyer knows nothing about vampires! You'd be better off reading That's Life magazine for intellectual stimulation. Plus, it's terrible! It's awful! It's a train-wreck! We hate Stephanie Meyer! What? Have I actually read it? Well... no. Do I know anyone who's actually read it? Well... no..."

dr maya vale said...

yah, well... i preferred the buffy movie to the tv series, so i'm not even going to get into the whole "buffy-as-canon-vampires" debate. besides, i'm a role-playing gamer who (although he has been known to scoff at larping (live-action role-playing) thinks vampire: the masquerade is a brilliant idea) cut his adult vampire-reading teeth on the anne rice canon... and even then i thought she played a touch fast and loose with vampirism.

fwiw, i enjoyed twilight. it is to teen vampire stories what matthew reilly is to international thrillers - fast-paced and fun to read. i can suspend my disbelief for the time it takes to read it...