Thursday, January 13, 2011

... a taste of childhood dreams

this tv advert was... well, it encapsulates a lot of what i love most about my life. i like coca-cola, don't get me wrong, but what i loved most about this advert was the idea of a bunch of friends, gathered together around a meal and good music.

it looks pretty cheesey now and this youtube clip isn't the best quality but the ense of it is there. looking back at it now, i realise there's a large amount of hip-swinging that i didn't recall before watching this again. what i did remember very clearly was the spaghetti fanned out into the pot and everyone cooking together.

that's what was in my head. enjoy.

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Emily Sue said...

I always liked the (much earlier) ads with the giant things on the beach.

That makes no sense unless you've seen the ads in question...