Tuesday, October 03, 2006

... the bad

a brief note on escalator ettiquette.

the "keep left" signs are there for a reason. not everyone wants to wait an extra three minutes watching you get lovey-dovey with your other half - some of us simply want to get past.

functionally, escalators are there to move people up and down stairs faster than they would simply on foot. like a moving walkway, they are not there as a comfort accessory - they are not there for you to have a rest after your long, weary day sitting at a desk in an office or sitting in a train from [fill in the name of a station here] - they are there to get you from a to b without having to actually say "to".

if you must rest, read the above section on keeping left.

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Kathryn - echidna23@hotmail.com said...

...or those people who make horrid impatient noises when you have a laden pram and can't move left!!! Dr, as usual you share my passion for social etiquette - there aren't many of us left! Kath :)