Sunday, October 15, 2006

... touch of fame

i had a pretty great day today.

i rounded it out with my friend barb at koko black on lygon street, where i enjoyed a pretty amazing hot chocolate (frothier and lighter, not as heavy as a hot chocolate from max brenner's - not better, just different) and used their toilet (adequate to requirements). while i was there i took a picture of my hot chocolate with my mobile phone and tried to send it to my friend dave. i don't know if he got it because i've had no reply and i've only just this last week has mms messaging activated on my phone, but i thought with all the photos of coffees he takes perhaps he'd like one of a hot chocolate.

in the evening (before koko black) i went to a... retelling of the book of esther by a group called backyard bard (there's a website, i think it's backyard bard dot com but i can't quite recall right now and i have three minutes left to write this entry). it was fantastic. if you get the chance, go see 'em.

visited my friend sue ellen's church, which was ok and reminded me a lot of my old church in dapto.

and the touch of fame?

lunch at the chiswells'. you know? the chiswells'? graham and nicky? well, i know a lot of you who read this (i.e. the maybe dozen or so friends who read this) probably have already met them, i know dave knows them quite well, erika too, i think. but it was big for me.

and now? on to sunny melbourne!


cafedave said...

Received a notification of the MMS, but couldn't open the picture: I'm not sure why Telstra thinks this is an improvement from their old approach of texting me a URL where I can download the photo... I think I'll have to brave the telstra shop and ask them why: I was planning on waiting until then to reply.

I still struggle to think that the Chiswell kids are old enough for school, let alone are actually teenagers!

Glad you're enjoing the holiday.

swellen said...

The address is