Thursday, June 14, 2007

... just a couple of things

when i left the house this morning i was told that the temperature was 3.5 degrees celsius. just the kind of winter weather i'd been looking forward to before i moved to melbourne!

i read this awesome analogy today and want to share it here:
"one sunday, our pastor took out a twenty-dollar bill and held it up for everyone to see. he asked if anyone wanted it. hands shot up and cheers rang out.

then he crumpled up the bill, threw it on the floor, and ground it under his shoe. he held it up again and asked who wanted it now. the response was the same as before.

what was his point? he was demonstrating that no matter how dirty, crumpled, or torn the bill became, it still had the same value. the bill's worth was determined before it was even printed, and his mistreatment had not changed its value.

your value has never changed. you are worth just as much today as on the day God created you. no matter how you've behaved or how you've been treated - like a brand-new designer piece or a thrift store bargain - you are and always have been a treasured possession of the One who created you. no one - not even you - can change that."
as someone whose natural self-esteem temperature sits at roughly 5 degrees kelvin, it is a great encouragement to be reminded of this kind of thing. i am made in the image of God - i am his own idol! regardless of what happens to me or what i do to myself or to the world around me - or those other idols of himself around me - i was made in his image to reflect his glory. i was not made to be a doorstop, or to hold up one corner of the bed, or hang party streamers from.

... it would be nice to not need reminding so much.

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