Tuesday, June 05, 2007

... rumours of my death have been exaggerated

a friend commented the other day that it had been quite a while since i'd blogged. my count, apparently, of blogs entries in the last month was only two! and fair enough, when the title of this blog promises a marvel every day...

well, despite the fact that every day is a marvel in and of itself, a marvel that God allows us all one more day to wake up to ourselves and realise just who exactly is running the show, i thought i would explain what i've been up to this last month or so.

work has been very busy. one of our staff, the chief purchasing officer, was off on three weeks' holidays. that meant that i was taking up the slack for her, along with a few other people in the office. i didn't need to stress out about it as much as i did, i suppose, but i always have a tendency to set too high a bar in some things and i think this was one of them. there are systemic procedural problems here at work, problems that are gradually being addressed, but in the classic tradition i tried to do what i could to work my own way through them. some successes, some failures. c'est la vie.

at home, my housemate and i have (separately and together) been ploughing our way through dvds of the west wing - we're up to season 6 now, getting into the sharp end of the end of the series. looking forward to working through season 7 and seeing all the episodes i missed on the abc.

although, given some of the rubbish we talk about at work, it surprises me i haven't been able to blog more...

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