Wednesday, November 28, 2007

... cool

i got home from celebrating my birthday with friends from sticky - we went to taco bill's on russell st - and i found these waiting for me, cooked by my very thoughtful housemate!

how nice is that?

big shoutout of thanks to all my friends and family, without whom i can confidently say that i wouldn't be here today. God bless all of you in every way!


Barb said...

happy birthday :)
We should catch up soon. How about dinner one night in the city? what nights are good for you?
I'd like to catch up but i also have small pressie for you from Julie :) Are you staying in melb for Christmas or heading north or ...?

Roxanne Henderson said...

Hey, Happy birthday!! a) i found you! b) I'm SO sorry i missed it!!!

God Bless, talk soon