Thursday, November 22, 2007

... thoughts on blogging

it's easy to go m.i.a. when you're blogging - life happens, things distract you, and the actual act of blogging (agonising over oxford commas aside) really does take up time. normally it's like time you spend with a friend - you don't always notice the time passing until for a little while you don't hang out with them and you realise trying to make time again to see them can be difficult. (i'm not sure that makes sense but it's early and i'm still eating my coco pops...)

i was thinking about this after reading a friend's blog, who confessed that life had intruded on blogging. to blog only quality or to blog sub-par thoughts? that was the question.

i don't know what i blog. sometimes i'm filling in space but sometimes (most of the time) it's stuff i can't keep inside me. i need to tell someone and in the absence of people being around to tell (or not wanting to burden my housemate with all my random thoughts), i blog.

why do you blog? why do you read blogs?


Sylv said...

I started to blog because I had to for an assignment. That was two years ago.
Now, I blog because I'm a narcissit, and I think people like to know what's happening in my life.
But then, I subscribe to people's blogs because I like to know what's happening in their lives, and because the things they talk about on their blogs are not necessarily things that we'll ever talk about in normal conversation. And maybe because I'm part stalker, too.

swellen said...

I started to blog because my life was quite isolated at the time and I had stuff in my head I needed to get out. Now it's more a habit than anything. It's not always interesting or deep stuff (rarely that, honestly) but I don't think that makes it sub-par. They're still my thoughts, or the day-to-day stuff of my life. Boring to others but a part of me. I would say I BLOG for me but I CENSOR what I blog for other people... ie, I don't blurt out ALL the things that are in my head, and I do protect myself to a certain extent. But we all do that all the time anyway.

erika said...

mainly to keep up with friends who are far away