Wednesday, February 04, 2009

... postgrad wedding blues

i'm not married, i'm not a postgrad (on account of never having grad'd) and at the moment i'm not blue, but i saw this comic strip on phd comics and felt it was a ripsnorter.

two jobs ago, while i was still living in el norte, we used to have a lot of people coming into the shop looking for paper products for creating their own wedding stationery. it's the kind of combination logistical-creative problem i love, since you can work out what you're going to do by considering such variables as:
  1. how much money you want to spend,
  2. how much time you have available,
  3. how much time you want to spend,
  4. how creative you'd like to be,
  5. how creative you know you actually are,
  6. how many flunkies you have available to you in the time you have available, and
  7. how many friends and relations would disown you if you actually did elope after all...
i think it's an interesting challenge.

having been involved to varying degrees with a number of weddings now, i have considered from time to time a variety of wedding-related career paths, including:
  • professional m.c. (for about five seconds),
  • wedding planner,
  • wedding stationery consultant, and
  • celebrant...
crazily enough, the last one has had the most lasting appeal and i've actually looked into courses and whatnot regarding this.

all of which is thinking-out-loud, random, by-the-by thoughts, sparked by the funny comic strip.


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