Monday, February 09, 2009

... travelling man

well, i'm moving house - again.

before i moved out of home, i think we'd moved twice, the third house we lived in being the one my mother still lives in. i shared a flat in north wollongong for a while before making the big move to sydney, where i lived in:
  • penshurst,
  • penshurst,
  • carlton,
  • mortdale,
  • hurstville,
  • kogarah,
  • chatswood,
  • then chatswood again.
since leaving sydney, i've lived in:
  • carnegie,
  • elsternwick,
  • and soon to be glen iris.
that's a fair bit of moving around, since i moved to sydney in may of 1994.

i never expect the next place to be the last, so i wonder how long it'll be before the next move? hopefully not until some other similarly life-changing thing...

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