Monday, July 25, 2011

... getting psyched!

it's perhaps a little premature to get all Christmas-y about things (even though today there's only five more months until Christmas!) but it feels a bit like it for me: ten more sleeps until i head overseas on my next holiday.

i'm pretty excited, especially since this holiday might not have happened at all, except for some divine expediting of my tax refund. this was the first year i've used e-tax online and it worked a treat. not difficult to use at all and since (despite the fact i do have a couple of computers and an ipod and whatnot around the house, i am something of a luddite) i'm particularly leery of putting a lot of confidential private data out into the ether, i felt a bit audacious using e-tax. this from the man who still has every tax pack he ever used to submit his income tax.

in any case, i have my tickets and travel insurance sorted out, my first lot of accommodation booked and the rest pretty much lined up too. i had been keen to re-visit astoria but their bicentennial celebrations seem to be leaving the place pretty much booked out for the weekend i'd planned on being there. not all that surprising, i suppose, given that it's a concert weekend. meh.

once i've dashed this off, i'll be re-evaluating my travelling itinerary and trying to contact 3m (makers of post-its and micropore surgical tape (i think)) about seeing if they have some kind of public showcase of their history and whatnot. i've been selling stationery now for over seventeen years and much of that stationery sold has been branded with the 3m logo. i'd love to be able to see where it was born. i'm not a motorcyclist and as interesting as the home of harley-davidson motorcycles might be, i'd rather visit the 3m factory!


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