Tuesday, July 26, 2011

... only nine more sleeps to go!

it's down to single-digits in terms of sleeps and i'm fairly excited. today i booked my accommodation in astoria (oregon) and in a moment of awesome synchronicity i also bought the goonies on dvd. i'm absolutely going to watch it before i go. i think last time i watched kindergarten cop and on my last trip i also had my picture taken in front of "astoria elementary school" (actually john jacob astor elementary school). i also booked my bus ticket from portland to astoria, so i have effectively locked in my first sixteen days of my holiday. yay.

all the excitement has, i fear, taken the edge off my preparation for my small group bible study. it's very difficult to focus on planning a study - especially using my computer to do it - when with a couple of clicks i could be looking at the next place i'm looking at travelling to. argh! so, i think i'm going to go have a quick shower, reboot my brain, and knuckle down. small group may not be until thursday night and i think have a pretty good grasp of the material but i don't want to be building with straw and sticks when i could be building with gold and silver... so to speak.

if you're so inclined, please keep praying for me, that i'll keep focussed on the things i'm meant to be doing now and not dreaming of the things i'm hoping i'll be doing in a couple of weeks' time.

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