Sunday, March 03, 2013

... it's all about the free wi-fi

i'm in a boston common coffee shop on washington st, whiling away the time as i make my way up to the t-mobile shop (or will it be at&t?) to arrange for my cellphone connection while i'm here in the usa. after i get that settled, i'm meeting one of my boston contacts, a youth ministry boffin who's going to show me around town a little. i've made arrangements for storage of my big suitcase while i'm out of town tonight and tomorrow night - who knew it would be so difficult to find a storage space for a couple of days? clearly, the west coast is truly more laid back than the east coast...

again i'm surprised by how warm the interiors of buildings seem to be kept here. i bought two sets of thermal underwear for while i'm here (the winter has been chilly enough, with nasty cold snaps and blizzards, and i've been tracking the temperatures before and since i arrived), one long-sleeved and one short-sleeved. i've been wearing the short-sleeved top yesterday and today and even without that, i'm confident i'd have found it over-warm inside. the one place i didn't find over-warm was king's chapel, which i came across at the top of washington st near boston city hall. i'll be heading past there again today on my way to meet whitney at the boston holocaust memorial.

after a 20-ounce coffee's worth of trying, the wi-fi connection here is still tanking so i'm going to continue on my way. i'm truly hoping i don't find myself in another starbucks...

[ later ]

i'm now eating lunch in a fast food joint called b.good. it's ok. i had a burger and chips and their "homemade" strawberry lemonade isn't too bad but i have to say that i'm finding the entire affair quite disappointing. the fries are quite... i don't quite know the word. anaemic doesn't quite fit. i was expecting them to be a bit more like the chips at grill'd, to be honest. if they'd been the size they are at grill'd, i'd have been a lot more impressed. from the description impression i had of the fries on the menu, i think they're punching above their weight and failing badly.

the burger was nice enough and the condiments that came with it are clearly where b.good are trying to make their point of difference in terms of how the burger is assembled. b.good's true point of difference is their pride in everything being so fresh and in being connected to the primary points of production for most of the ingredients used. the beef pattie used in the burger gave every indication that it had been prepared by hand - thick, imperfect, falling apart in unexpected places, which is what you get when you hand-make a meat pattie - but otherwise i was underwhelmed.

the free wi-fi is nice though.

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