Saturday, March 02, 2013

... not quite 24 hours in Boston

well, here i am in boston, massachusetts. i'm in a starbucks (no judgements, please) mooching off of their free wi-fi and making my venti mocha last as long as i possibly can. by chance i found myself sitting next to a woman leading youth group at her church and we've been trading stories about ministry and Christian life for a while.

boston is a very nice city, at first blush. beautiful foregrounds and slightly more ordinary backgrounds. up close, there are amazing photo opportunities to be had and i may take some pictures of things while i'm here. unfortunately, in my view, a lot of the newer and not so newer buildings have meant that the backgrounds jar against these lovely foreground shots. tomorrow i will take a few pictures, just to see how they go.

the youth hostel is nice and comfortable and well-appointed, with awesome bunks and powerpoints near the bedheads. the wi-fi connection in the building, however is appalling. which is why i'm at starbucks. the building - in fact almost all of the buildings i've been in here in boston are very warm. i'm amazed that i'm not seeing people selling vitamin c on every corner, or boxes of tissues, and that everyone in the city isn't suffering from colds. i have my thermal underwear (i'm only wearing my top, since i haven't felt cold enough to wear my bottoms) and my polar-fleece vest and i've been quite comfortable. i'll be heading back to the hostel once i've posted this and i imagine i may feel a bit chilled by then. we'll see.

the flights from melbourne were a little... odd, i guess is the word i'm looking for. there wasn't really enough of a break between any two legs to allow me to sit down and really relax for a while - every connectiong was about two hours apart. that's great in terms of keeping on moving but my previous trips from san francisco to portland have afforded me a four-hour break (or thereabouts) at sfo to enjoy a nice relaxing lunch. this time i barely had two hours and didn't get to finish my lunch before i caught my connection to boston, and landing here at 10.30pm meant dinner was always going to be a wash. if i were to do this leg again (west coast to east coast) i think i would do what i did on the way to new york, which was take an overnight flight leaving the westcoast late at night and arriving early the following morning. if nothing else, at least i'd save on one night's accommodation.

i'm looking around town again tomorrow, hopefully checking into papercut zine archive and it looks like i'll be going to papercut zine archive on monday... we'll see what happens.

i know it's been a long time since my last entry. i'm writing again now, at least.

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