Friday, March 16, 2007

... gate 1, melbourne domestic

so i'm waiting for my flight to sydney for a wedding and i've managed to brush away the insane desire for some chilly chilli smoothie that boost juice has to offer (they'll sell it to unsuspecting customers but don't actually try it out themselves - what's up with that???) and i saw this netkiosk booth and thought i'd quickly check my email and then i figured, well, i've still got another (13 minutes and counting down) to use on this thing before it signs itself out, why not fire off a blog post?

work has been good this week, although it's the first week without one particular staff member (she left to have a baby, and God bless her) and already i'm starting to feel the ... strain of adding to my routines. another one has left for two weeks holidays in south africa and his absence will be a little harder to bear. i'm kind of filling in for him while he's away, which simply adds to my workload, and while i'm doing my fill-in stuff there the woman who has taken over the job of the woman who left to have the baby is going to have to do the stuff i'm supposed to normally be doing - which is what she was doing before i was trained up to do what she was doing. confused?

me too.

but i'm looking forward to flying tonight, not so much flying back on monday morning, but such is life.

they're calling for the gate and i need to eat this strawberry yoghurt. well, i didn't say i didn't buy anything at boost, did i?

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