Monday, March 19, 2007

... jiggedy-jig

very short trip but i'm back at work. hard to believe that four hours ago i was in the check-in queue at sydney airport and three hours ago i was waiting to board my flight back home (!!!) to melbourne.

up at 4.30 this morning (praise God!) and the yha help was great. easy ride in to sydney airport, slower ride out from tullamarine but that's morning traffic for you. i'm having a banana and an arnott's classic assorted oatmeal biscuit for breakfast. thank goodness i'm having an early lunch!

i'll miss Bible study tonight, go home for an early night - or as early as i can make it after doing washing. the wedding was beautiful, seeing friends in chatswood was great, but i haven't missed the sydney weather at all... melbourne's cool morning was just what i needed to feel. forecast top of 26 degrees today - hopefully we won't make it!

(is there an inordinate number of exclamation marks this morning or what?!)

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