Tuesday, March 06, 2007

... ironically, less romantic?

i ran out of soap the other day.

i'm not too picky about most things in my life. if anything, i am stuck in a rut with my habits (weet-bix or museli(?) or the odd box of froot loops will do me for brekkie thanks) or my wardrobe (i don't know why everything from rivers is so comfortable but it pretty much is and it's cheap at the warehouse outlets so... yeah, anyway...)

you get the idea.

the soap that i'm particularly keen on is your everyday run-of-the-mill oatmeal soap from the chemist's. if you're lucky or you know where to go you can get a dozen bars of soap for less than the price of three litres of milk. having moved not too long ago, however, and having also found it increasingly difficult to obtain in places i thought i knew i could get it, i didn't hold out much hope of finding it cheaply down here in sunny melbourne.

so i picked up some "pears transparent soap" at safeway. is there a soap that smells so nice? it smells almost good enough to eat; a nice, heavy bar of soap, hard until you wear the edges off of it; see-though once you're worn away the embossed branding of the pears logo... sometimes i wonder why i don't use it all the time and then i realise i just paid for three cakes of soap what i might have paid for a dozen of what i'd run out of!

i like the scratchiness of the oatmeal in oatmeal soap; i like to feel that i'm almost roughing away the dirt when i'm washing in the shower. the pears transparent soap is an unexpected luxury.

what's your favourite soap?


Archibald Asparagus said...

Oatmeal Soap is the way to go every time, and I don't mind paying extra for the rough bits!

So when are you coming up north to get some more of that Soap Doc?

Kathryn - echidna23@hotmail.com said...

I like Dove (either pink or white). K :)

swellen said...

St Ives Milk & Honey body wash on one of those weird pom-pom sponge thingies. Definitely smells good enough to eat (don't shower when you're hungry) and the sponge does the exfoliating stuff.

sylv said...

I use Lux, but you can go to the bodyshop and get that rough soap there (if you make it past all the perfumey aroma therapy soaps and makeup in the doorway).

Janey said...

I use body wash daily because it reduces soap scum in your shower. An added advantage!

Once in a while (and this is a female trick) I use a salt scrub that you can get in a tub to exfoliate. It's pure roughness that you just need to do once a week or two so you don't dry your skin. :)

See you on the weekend!!