Friday, July 24, 2009

... brief update

this is just a brief update on what i was up to this afternoon. not a whole heck of a lot, actually, but what i did do was get the zines i was donating to the zine library at the iprc and get them up there. while i was there, i signed up as a member - not that i'm going to be doing heaps of zinemaking there but because i thought it was a good thing, as a zinester, to do. i'm sure the money will be well spent; plus i get a zine each month mailed to me, which will give me that much more reason to go checking my p.o. box...

i also went along to the iprc benefit show at holocene. (cool website but a bit too much flash for me...) alex wrekk did a reading and an awesome band called "the tagalongs" played a fantastic set, including "cat party" and (i think it was called) "beer can guitar". awesome. (the lead singer is kinda cute and the drummer has this awesome kurt cobain meets cousin itt hair when he starts headbanging...)

i had a sneaking suspicion it was only going to get louder from there so i simply wound my way back here to the hostel. tomorrow (and the next few days) will be mostly taken up with symposium-related things during the days - what happens after scheduled hours, i guess we'll have to wait and see...

fourteen days and bear-free...!

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