Friday, July 24, 2009

... life was meant to be easy, i think

yesterday just kind of... dissolved. it was pretty warm and muggy, neither of which i'm very keen on, so i bummed around the faux air-conditioned comfort of the hostel until early afternoon, had a shower and shave, got dressed and traipsed into the city. i'm getting the hang of where the 17 bus goes through town and i rode the portland streetcar all the way around the loop, which was kind of cool. at one end there's a children's hospital, i think, and there are these cablecars that take you up a hill. i don't know why they're there or what's at the top of the hill (maybe the grand old duke of york has men up there) but if i am curious enough by the end of the day i might see about finding out.

in other news, i hung around powell's for a bit, had dinner at rocco's pizza (not bad, especially with the refills on soft drink!) and as the night deepened i made my way to the middle of town to the slightly dodgily-located voodoo donuts. it goes to show how sometimes guidebooks get outdated... i knew that there was a second site for voodoo donuts (follow the link, you'll see there are two - i went to the one on sw third ave) but my zinester's guide to portland (hardcopy) didn't have that updated information (i have the fourth edition). also, it gave a bunch of weird hours but i see on the website that the place i visited is open 24 hours! argh!!!

that being said, i bought a postcard, a t-shirt and three donuts. looking at the menu on the voodoo donuts website, i saw picture of two of them - the voodoo doll and the triple chocolate penetration. the third, the portland cream is portland's answer to the boston cream donut. the chocolate donut was delicious.

even though i know it's a week away (kind of) work is starting to loom as my holidays slowly come to an end. there are souvenirs i've yet to get, postcards i've yet to mail (if my sister could email me her address (i know, i know, i've been given it i don't know how many times and i keep losing it - i'm sorry, okay!?), i'll remedy that immediately), plus i'd like to write a zine to take with me to the symposium (which starts tomorrow). argh! plus there's still one bridge i'd like to walk over (that i think is actually pedestrian-friendly) and i've still not visited the omsi... i may need another vacation...

i think i'll put my photos up when i get home.

so i don't know what i'm going to do today. we'll see what happens. ciao!


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