Tuesday, July 28, 2009

... if you're ordering something that's not on the menu...

... expect to pay for it. i would have thought that that was common sense. alas, here at portland internaational airport, common sense does not necessarily prevail. i'm stopping in for lunch. my flight leaves at 14h52 and i'm sharing a table with a stranger, since i didn't want to be one person taking up a table for four. the people sitting over from me ordered something and asked for something to be added that wasn't on the menu, hence the subject line. i wouldn't be expecting to be adding anything for nothing... you might just as well ask for crude oil in a bucket as dipping sauce, or gold leaf as garnish and not expect to have to pay. you can bet they won't be tipping, even though they should, getting something that wasn't on the menu for nothing. crikey.

(settle... it's the kind of thing that will be bugging me all the way home...)

checking in was fine. the next hurdle is immigration in los angeles. (wow... they did leave a tip after all... custom trumps worth, i suppose...) two and a half hours flight to l.a., then five hours-ish to transit, then off to melbourne. my computer is telling me that it's now about 6.30am tuesday in melbourne, so my flight time of about 27 hours is right on schedule.

my last porter before i go home. (sigh...) i'm going to check my email and sign off. i'll blog again when i get home and maybe this weekend, maybe next, i'll go through my photos and start posting those too. please fire me off an email and let me know if you received a postcard - i'm curious to know how many of them will get home before i do.

vaya con dios!

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