Monday, July 27, 2009

... last night in portland

it's my last night in portland but it feels a lot more like a night in bangkok! rather humid, 36 degree forecast for tomorrow and my flight leaves in the afternoon. i'm planning on getting to the airport about 12.30pm, settling in for a comfortable, unhurried lunch in air-conditioned comfort. it'll be nice. ahhh, but the wisdom of these hostels! i hired a towel so my own towel will be dry as a bone going into my suitcase in the morning...

the russians have gone, the place is much quieter, and i ran into a couple of interesting people. one is a college career advisor in a high school in san antonio, texas. that all sounded very interesting and austin, tx, was recommended to me very strongly. i also ran into a kiwi travelling north america with her daughter looking at colleges to pursue studying under a sport scholarship for volleyball. apparently she shows great potential, so volleyball camps have been booked into to hep get her on the recruiters' radars. she extolled to joys of seattle and remarked how happy she was to be travelling through the classically australian weather that the pacific northwest is currently enjoying - apparently the east cost is suffering under some horribly wet weather with floods in new york, amongst others.

the zine symposium wound up today with some post-symp' drinks at a great little eatery called xv (fifteen), most conveniently located to bring me back hoe to the hostel. i had great plans of going to a restaurant in se portland for macaroni and cheese (allegedly the best in the city). alas, i may never know, now, but if i come back to portland anytime soon then maybe i'll find out how good it is.

i feel extremely tired. i'm almost looking forward to sitting in a chair for fifteen hours on the way home. i'm not ecstatic about having to transit flights in los angeles but tough luck pour moi, i suppose. i was going to buy a game i saw called "bookopoly" over at powell's but that's not going to happen either. i'll have a look for it at home; if i can't find it, i'll get it then. i have one last souvenir to buy, then i'll be off to the airport.

i'm off to bed. i didn't get eaten by bears.

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