Wednesday, July 22, 2009

... extra, extra

while i've been here i've seen a bunch of stuff to do with boardgames and role-playing and whatnot. i've been haunting comics shops too and here are some links to stuff i've enjoyed over the last few years games-wise...
  • atlas games - creators of such awesome games as lunch money, beer money and once upon a time
  • cheapass games - these guys make games cheap by working on the assumption that most people have rudimentary game pieces - pawns/pieces and dice - that by skimping on packaging they can provide rules and easily replicatable boards for a whole unch of games without paying $39.95 for every box...
  • twilight creations, inc - makers of one of the most entertaining games ever - zombies!!!
i'm going to copy these links across to the sidebar when i can be bothered but i'm running out of battery and i just finished my drink and think instead of continuing to parasite the free wifi here i'm going to go back to the hostel... ciao!

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