Thursday, August 18, 2011

... bit of a walk...

while i've been in seattle i've been casting about for something to keep myself occupied. i've been doing some writing and might be able to get a couple of zines out of what i've been doing but i decided to walk from my hostel to the zapp zine archiving and publishing project.

the problem is that the streets of seattle try to be nice and logical but basically fail at it. imagine trying to lay a strict avenue/street grid onto the cbd of sydney. good luck. i often joke that you could possibly drive down a street in sydney, make no deliberate corner turns left or right and end up in the same spot, eventually.

it took me quite a long time to find zapp, especially since i was using the force (and only occasionally resorting to google maps on my phone) but eventually find it i did. see below for my trip. it was about 4.6 miles altogether. i'm tired.

i tried to embed the map below but it was a bit faily. click on this link to see it.

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