Tuesday, August 30, 2011

... i am still alive...

just because i haven't blogged, doesn't mean i'm dead. i've been reading, mostly, when i haven't been out traipsing around portland. and i've been doing a lot of traipsing. i have a few days' worth of traipsing to report on, actually, and i've been writing some stuff about that but to be honest, i'm a bit tired and not going to do it now. over the next couple of days i'll be entering some back-dated blog posts. it might look a little weird but i think it's the only way i'll be able to make sense of it in my head.

as for right now, i've left the guest house i was staying at, which actually turned out very well. i met some nice people there that i'll be hanging out with a bit later on next week. if i'd realised soon enough that it was going to be so convenient, i might have cancelled my booking here and then stayed there the rest of the time. if i come back here again, i'll definitely be contacting them to see if there's room. the hostel here is nice and all but i'm up in the belfry again and it's a bit rowdy.

good night.

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