Monday, August 22, 2011

... quiet day

i spent most of today wandering around a shopping mall.

the lloyd center is in ne portland and has pretty much everything you'd expect in an australian shopping mall, although i was extremely surprised by how many shops were closed or vacant. closed is one thing - that's up to the trader and if they can afford to be closed on a sunday then that's a great problem to have! vacant, though? don't shopping malls usually have crazy high rents? i don't know. most places like westfield or even the queen victoria building seem to put up hoarding almost immediately, announcing in bold type that a new and exciting shop is being prepared for you! interesting that they do not do that here.

i went to imago dei for church this morning and learned a little more about how they do ministry and where they plan on going from here. there was a guest speaker there this morning (i think they've got guest speakers lined up for a few weeks until the big push at the beginning their fall programme) and i'll write about that tomorrow.

i did a lot of walking today under a fairly warm sun. it doesn't bake here the way it does back home...

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