Sunday, August 07, 2011

... yo yo yo coming to you live...

good morning world! i'm coming to you somewhat live and direct from the portland zine symposium. my shift on the info table starts in an hour or so and i'm kind of mooching around out the back (so to speak) and availing myself of the free wi-fi.

i'm already finding stuff about portland that has changed since the last time i was here. probably the most alarming thing was the demolition of the safeway near the hostel i'm staying at. there's a fred meyer store down the road but after checking that out last night i'm a little concerned that i'm not going to find anything that i really want to eat for breakfast. i'm going to check around for some kind of organic food store (should be too hard here, i would have thought) - i just want to find something to eat for breakfast that doesn't list more adjectives than nouns in the ingredients list! once i get home i'll be looking with a gimlet eye over the stuff i eat at the moment.

i didn't get much sleep last night, what with the early start and all, but i'm hopeful that i will get some reasonable amounts of sleep soon. the symposium finishes tomorrow and i can only hope that there'll be a debrief about how this one goes within about a month. it's something they've tried to do in the past but once things are finished for one year, the last thing anyone wants to do is think about next year! i asked one of the organisers if any work had been done on a procedural manual for the symposium but there have been good intentions of making one but without much progress.

one of the biggest issues seems to be organising the tables. the next biggest thing seems to be finding a venue. organising tables is a perennial problem and i'm sure if there were a magic bullet for it, some wedding reception place somewhere would be taking a percentage for it. the fine details of table organising seem to hinge on the layout and facilities of the venue and finding a venue far enough in advance does seem to be a problem as well. the symposium had things very good for a very long time and now that things are more complicated and expensive, it's all getting a bit tricky. this space seems okay but bumping in this morning only a couple of hours after the gigs from last night finished (almost) bumping out added a bit of a challenge.

logistics aside, this is an awesomely exciting place to be. i would love to see sticky institute do a table but it's a big ask. maybe someday.

i'm going to head off and have a sticky(beak) of my own.

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