Saturday, August 13, 2011

... i love the smell of... fish... in the... afternoon...

i managed to make the early bus to astoria with a minimum of fuss, although i did have to clean some poor washingtonian out of his one-dollar-bills for a fiver i had in my wallet. once i was on the bus into town, it was plain sailing the rest of the way in. i think that the coach to astoria had maybe ten people on it - including the driver.

so that was yesterday, effectively. i arrived just after noon, checked into the hostel where apparently my room was upgraded. i don't know how, since i seemed to get exactly what i'd booked, but that makes no nevermind. it's been nice to not have to lock up all my belongings when i leave the room and i slept particularly well last night in my double (gasp!) bed. much better than clambering up onto the bunk i was terrified i would fall through in the middle of the night. (not just me - the elderly english fellow on the bottom bunk was scared that would happen too!)

the hostel here in astoria has improved considerably since the last time i stayed there. new carpet, the bathrooms are much cleaner and i think they've got new fittings and whatnot. the kitchen is still a bit messy and i have a sneaking suspicion that some of the... longer-term visitors are still treating it more like a halfway house than a hostel. that being said, these kinds of things are not solved overnight and the changes that are being made are solidly in the "one small step forward and no steps back" category.

i'm off for now but i'll write more later. dinner beckons.

oh, and the smell of fish? that's astoria...

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