Saturday, March 25, 2006

... a few things i marvelled at

* a woman on the bus whose foot in her oddly-coloured shoe had skin so delicate i could see the veins beneath the skin
* tiny buttons an another woman's shirt that reminded me of the scene in french kiss when kevin kline's character is paying out on meg ryans character on the plane just before take-off...
* an indian guy who looked like he should've been weightlifting in melbourne - short, nuggety, broad, very powerful-looking
* a book someone was reading, by helen garner, about some drug dealer (?) murdered in canberra? (should i get the book? "joe cinque's condolance" i think)
* how fast some bus drivers drive their buses in traffic you couldn't pay me enough to even attempt to drive in

... and WHAT the heck is up with driving past the depot? is there a point?

1 comment:

swellen said...

Why didn't you just ask the person if you could borrow the book when they were finished? Man, I would love to see someone's face if they were asked that...