Wednesday, March 15, 2006

... just lipton's, right?

the thing i was marvelling at this morning was the veritable gauntlet of giveaway people farming out kelloggs just right berry & apple and lipton's green tea samplers this morning at wynyard. ordinarily i jump at the chance for free stuff, especially food, but healthy breakfast cereal i comfortably ignore (i already don't eat just right, so i'd need more than a new flavour to really do anything for me, and i don't eat nutri-grain because i heard it's about as good for you as froot loops... so i eat froot loops on the rare occasions i might otherwise eat nutri-grain, if it's available...) and to be honest i've found the new tea flavours kind of ordinary.

are these people giving this stuff away paid to do it? how much money do kelloggs and lipton's shell out for this kind of publicity? and does it work? i can't think of anytime that i've rushed out and bought something because of a sample i've been given by a stranger... (maybe i just don't go clubbing enough!)

in other news; i've just started getting stumped by the sudoku puzzles in my extreme su doku puzzle book; the new barista at my morning cafe has the same name as me; one of the waitresses has moved on (again) and they've temporarily replaced her with one of the girls from the takeaway bar out the front.

flying pig count: 0

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your sister said...

I think I saw one... but it was after I got hit in the head by a tennis ball...