Thursday, March 30, 2006

... not one ... but two

today, two things i feel are marvellous.

i went to the movies with my housemates last night, almost a marvel in itself in that it doesn't happen very often (i think we've all been out together maybe two other times), and we saw proof with gwyneth paltrow, jake gyllenhaal(?) and anthony hopkins.

hope davis put in a very believable performance as an annoying, own-guilt-appeasing older sister, and anothony hopkins was okay, but not his best work, alas. jake and gwyneth were the two standouts, gwyneth reminding me a lot of sliding doors and se7en, two movies i very much liked her performances in. i haven't yet seen the royal tannenbaums, but i'm guessing it's probably as good or better than this. jake reliable as always; i like him the way i like brenadan fraser, but i think jake is edgier than brendan, who needs a few more "quiet american"s before his going to prove himself as an edgy actor for me.

the second marvellous thing was the discovery of a pasta place called "pasta resistance" in clarence st in the city. my train from work into the city ran late and i missed the bus that would get me home in time to shower and change to come back into town. frustrated, i decided to salve my frustration with food (i know, i know...) and en route to oporto i passed this restaurant.

at ten minutes to 8, while they were cleaning up, they were kind enough to serve me dinner, let me sit while i ate it and they kept up cleaning, and told me a little about the place. it's great, not too expensive and i was quite happy paying what i paid for what i got. a little more garlic on the garlic bread and my dining experience would have been complete! they're open 7-8 m-w, 7-9 th-sa (i think). i'm looking forward to going back, maybe working my way through the menu!

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Kathryn - said...

Mmmm, I think I like Brendan Fraser in a *totally* different way... Dudley Doright and Blast from the Past pretty much sum it up...