Friday, March 17, 2006

... transportation device vacillation

well, i lasted a whole (how long?) on the wagon before i fell off, and this is how it happened.

i had planned on posting yesterday at lunch. my plan has been to post each day at lunch. but yesterday, by the time i got to work, i had a pounding headache that a couple of hits with paracetemol did little to kill. throughout the day i kept saying to myself, "once i finish processing in these deliveries i'll go home". well, i did - at about 10 minutes to 6. and i missed lunch because of the deeply-held (more likely stubbornly-clung-to) belief that i'd be finished fairly early and could skip the lunch i felt uncertain about keeping down.

so i suppose the marvel today is that despite spending my working life of about 16 years consciously trying not to be the workaholic that destroyed my dad's health, i seem to be becoming that person. at least, working to the detriment of my physical, mental and emotional well-being.

maybe more tomorrow. if i can wangle an entry tonight, i might make up for lost time!

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Kathryn - said...

It's amazing how easily we become the people that we don't want to be. Only you (through God) can make you not be the person you don't want to be. I'm just proud of you, Dr, my sibling in Christ. K :)