Monday, March 27, 2006

... mighty mighty show

on friday evening, after what felt at that stage like a long day but was actually a pretty easy day, i stopped into my favourite gloria jean's coffee shop at crows nest. since i moved to the north shore, i've found the team at crows nest to be friendly, efficient, and have a warm sense of humour that shows through, even when they're looking as focussed as only a barista in a rush can. i love stopping in there - many of the staff recognise me, laugh when i (occasionally) order a different drink, and know not to offer me cream on my coffee.

last friday, aleyce simmonds was performing a small gig there. i say a small gig, but she sang about 20 songs in the two hours of the performance to a warm reception from people who had the good courtesy (most of the time) to talk under the music and not over the top of it. aleyce performed three songs from her debut single, mighty mighty love, omitting the cover of even when i'm sleeping - a shame, really, because it's such a good effort and i like it above the original because it has more body to the music. but that's me.

a few other songs aleyce wrote herself, a few others not. her performance of the letter was great, a song i'd almost forgotten until i heard her sing it.

altogether, a marvellous night. i really enjoyed myself.

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